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Energetic Consulting has worked with some of the biggest names in cleantech, solar, renewable energy and sustainability industries as our clients.

We have been sought out to deliver results and have the experience both locally in Australia and internationally having done work cross-functionally in places like France, US, China, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

When solar energy giants SMA Australia and ABB Group needed help to research and launch new solar inverter products lines into the local market they came to Energetic Consulting. The projects were delivered on-time and changed the whole way these businesses responded to a rapidly changing marketplace with new emerging technologies.

When German solar panel, battery storage and energy management manufacturing company Solarwatt, who is owned by Stefan Quandt – the majority shareholder of BMW auto manufacturer, needed help to refresh marketing materials and relaunch into the market, they came to us. The result? New on-demand videos, brochures, website, social media and a far more engaged customer base.

When Enphase Energy needed to setup their operations in Asia Pacific and develop a complete go-to-market strategy, the contract was signed and their business went on to become one of Australia’s most unique and loved solar inverter and battery storage brands.

When one of Australia’s most successful crowd funded companies of all time, Flow, needed help to reestablish their business structure and foundation when they had gone off track, they engaged Energetic Consulting to get things rocking again and the honey is flowing once more!

We’ll provide you the insights and the edge you’re looking for so you can progress with certainty and confidence. Check out the cleantech marketing and business services that we can provide for you and contact us today to discuss how we can help take your business to the next level!

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