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Energetic Testimonials from the Industry

Energetic Consulting is the home of marketing and business support for the clean energy, cleantech, solar, renewable energy and sustainability industries.

Practical and powerful marketing to grow and scale your renewable energy business.

Don’t just take our word for it, read these energetic testimonials to find our more about who we are and how we’ve been received.

Felix Wu

Russell French has been employed at Sungrow as our Director of Marketing and Strategy. Russell was a valued senior leader in our business, and it’s been a pleasure working with him. Russell’s performance at Sungrow has been exceptional and he has spear headed new strategic directions for the business including…read more


Gonzalo Muslera

I know Russell through the solar Industry in Australia... Immediately recognisable and something I have admired for all that time has been Russell's highly professional attitude to business, from business-startup to business leader. Russell's knowledge and expertise in all matters relating to our solar industry - from the component level…read more


Paul Nightingale

First off all it was a real pleasure to work with Russell, and I am glad we have stayed in touch since we have moved on from Enphase. It was a crazy exciting time, and we were both breaking new ground, and I remember thinking that I knew I had…read more


Georg Dreher

Russell French is a leader with a vision, someone who spreads optimism and has the endurance to follow a strategic plan. His outstanding technical knowledge, eye for detail and interpersonal skills lead to exceptional results in any business environment. Georg Dreher - DNX Energy


Frederik Troester

Russell French is a highly ambitious and details oriented person. During his time at Sun Empire he was one of our (Bosch Solar) dedicated retailers and together we achieved substantial sales growth by delivering excellent quality to the customer. He has high technical knowledge in the electrical/photovoltaic environment as well…read more


Bruce Hall

Russell is a highly capable individual - passionate about solar energy and the benefits it can deliver. Is experienced in both residential and commercial fields. An innovative thinker experienced in many facets of business - developed systems within his business that many larger businesses would like to emulate. In addition…read more


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