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Great Marketing and Your Raving Fans!

What is your story?

Great Marketing is all about stories! Creating a story that is worth sharing!

In the cleantech industry in particular, where differentiation can be difficult – having the “right” story is critical!

Every business, whether they know it or not, creates a “story” in the minds of their customer – a story that is built around the customers “experience” of the business:

  • The research phrase of their journey
  • The engagement and buying process
  • The product or service use
  • What occurs post the sale
  • How problems are resolved – handled

Each phase of this “customer journey” builds impressions and forms a “story” in the clients mind that shapes their perception of their overall customer experience.

This is the foundation on which great marketing is built!

The client creates the story – you provide the framework

This customer’s story can be positive and memorable – which is very likely to be shared with others – or it can be one of indifference or even dissatisfaction!

The key is to understand:

  • It is the client who creates the story
  • It is the business owners, employees and other stakeholders, who have the power to shape the story!

This occurs every time they come into contact, or “touch” the client, in whatever form.

Each contact adds another element to the “story”.

The question is – what is your customers “story” and is it the one you want it to be?

Customer is priced focused – your story needs to change!

Whilst competition is a reality of business, if you’re finding clients are continually focused on price and you are always justifying your fees and prices – this is a signal from your clients that your story, the customer experience you provide, needs to change!

Simply you haven’t given them a story, through the customer journey, about what is different in what you do, relative to the competition!

Where there is no story, no differentiation – the customer’s focus invariably shifts to price!

The story is more than your product or service!

This difference generally wont be found in the actual product or service but rather:

  • The information you provide to help customers undertake initial research
  • The way you engage with clients in the buying process
  • How you educate the customer of risks associated with lower priced products or services (There are always risks!)
  • The way you ensure the customer can get the most from your product or service
  • The way you follow up and stay in touch post the sale
  • The things you do to make the customer feel unique or valued
  • The way you handle & resolve problems

Each of the foregoing provides businesses with the opportunity to create a different story – one that the customers will share.

Create a story that is worth sharing!

Before jumping in and starting to examine specific elements of the customer journey – it is important to first decide the actual “story” or customer experience you want to create:

  • What, specifically do you want your customers to say about you?
  • What is the ideal story you would like to create?
  • What is one thing you want to be known for?

These are three simple, but powerful questions, which will give you a framework for a story to provide a differentiated customer experience.

The answers to these questions will generally be found within the “Vision” you created for the business and your business “Purpose”. They can also be found in the actual words used by satisfied clients (your Raving Fans) about how you changed or improved their world.

Kindly provided by Bruce Hall of Client Edge.

If you need help creating your clear and compelling story, contact Energetic Consulting today and start creating raving fan customers!


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