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How to Lead & Influence People So They Follow You

Hi, it’s Russell French from Energetic Consulting. Today, I’m going to share with you how to lead and influence others and get them to follow you. 

We know that whether you’re in small business or large business, we all have to collaborate. We all have to get things done. We have goals to achieve, projects to complete. And it can be really hard managing up the chain to the senior management. And it can also be equally as hard managing down the chain to fellow team members and collaborators, getting them to buy into your project and to follow your lead. 

What do people really want? 

They want to feel trusted. They want to feel valued. They want to feel like they’re capable and autonomous. And really at the end of the day, people don’t buy into what they don’t create. So one of the number one principles of business leadership is people support what they create. I’ll say that again, people support what they create. 

Some of the keys to getting people to follow us is:

  • Getting their buy in by co-creating with us.
  • Getting them to collaborate with us.
  • Helping people feel like they’ve participated in the journey.

This is also why equity share schemes in businesses work, because people are brought in and they have skin in the game. 

We want to get people to collaborate with us on our journey to co design. I’ve worked for billion dollar organisations like Sungrow invertors, a $2.2 billion dollar company. Or Enphase Energy, SMA, ABB, large solar power retailers, all small businesses alike. And no matter where I go, the same issue follows – that people aren’t always bought in to projects. So therefore they’re almost mentally disconnected from the project and the task at hand. Or they’re giving 50 per cent. 

Do you ever notice you’re in a meeting and there’s a couple of people that might be really quiet?

Now, that could be because they’re just quiet individuals and they haven’t quite found their voice. Or maybe it could be because they’re just not bought into creating the project or the task at hand. We need to get people bought into the journey. And what I would recommend is, that we get every person involved in the project to have an opinion, to share their voice and for people to respectfully listen to that and take that on board. 

As the leader you will still make the final decision.

There is no doubt about that. But make a well-informed decision supported by all the team members involved. 

Managing up the chain with senior management, and having to complete a project and get people up the chain to follow you can be very hard. 

I once did a year long Salesforce CRM integration for a large organisation, and it was extremely challenging to get people bought into that project because people up the chain weren’t bought  into it, even though they approved the project. What I learnt from that really challenging project was that it’s actually really important to get senior management to provide input regularly. Ask their advice. Say, hey part of the project I’m working on isn’t quite working properly. What would you recommend? What are some key milestones that we could set together for me to achieve this project? So we all get a great outcome. 

Actually get people up the chain to input for their buy in. Ask management to help set milestones and KPIs along the way. 

No one wants to be dictated to like a 1950s autocracy, a dictatorship. No one wants that. In this modern era, we co-design things. We listen, we collaborate. That’s how we get stuff done. The game changed. That old management style doesn’t work anymore. It gets stuff done. But people get really frustrated along the way. And and eventually people mentally check out. 

So what we want to do is get people brought and supporting a project by getting them to co-create with us.

Have some really open conversations with the people that you work with. Get them onboard and bought in. Up the chain and down the chain. 

Then you get a great outcome and everyone will feel more:

  • Alive
  • Exuberant
  • Happy
  • Trusted
  • Autonomous
  • Capable
  • Valued
  • Rewarded 

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Article by Russell French – Founder of Energetic Consulting Australia

Energetic-Consulting-Founder-Russell-FrenchRussell is a veteran of the Australian renewable energy industry of 17 years and an innovative business leader with a proven track record spanning over 20 years. Alongside Warwick Johnston of Sunwiz, and Donovan Craig, he is the co-founder of Sunfluence and Solar Guide, which are solar business automated marketing platforms and services to help solar retailers win more business.

He is also the Founder of Solar Social, a new and innovative meet-up bringing together like minded businesses and professionals to discuss innovation and the latest technology developments.

He has served as a Director for several well known renewable energy companies like:

  • Enphase Energy as their APAC Director and Australian Country Manager and brought the business to Australia and setup their operations in the region
  • Sungrow ($2.2B, world largest solar inverter manufacturer in partnership with Samsung SDI) as their Marketing & Strategy Director
  • Sun Empire as Founder and Managing Director. Sun Empire was a founding company member of the Clean Energy Council of Australia.

Russell has also worked in the award winning Sustainability Strategy team for the City of Melbourne developing the city’s renewable energy and solar program, and helped develop the new Solar & Storage division for one of Australia’s largest energy retailers, Red Energy which is owned by the iconic Snowy Hydro.

He served as the Secretary & Convenor for the Melbourne Chapter of the Smart Energy Council of Australia (formerly Australian Solar Council) for 5 years.


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