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OpenNEM – National Electricity Market Live Snapshot

  • The National Electricity Market (NEM) incorporates around 40,000 km of transmission lines and cables.
  • It supplies about 200 terawatt hours of electricity to businesses and households each year.
  • It supplies around 9 million customers.
  • It has a total electricity generating capacity of almost 54,421 MW (as at December 2017).
  • $16.6 billion was traded in the NEM in the financial year 2016–17.
  • Strategic reserves of demand and generation resources of more than 1000 MW for 2017-18.

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An Open Platform for National Electricity Market Data

The OpenNEM project aims to make the wealth of public National Electricity Market (NEM) data more accessible to a wider audience.

They hope that improved access will facilitate better public understanding of the marketimprove energy literacy and help facilitate a more informed national discussion on Australia’s energy transition in the long term interests of consumers.

By providing a clear window on the data, they hope to address the information asymmetry between stakeholders and improve the productivity of those engaged in energy market discussions.

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