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Flow Hive

After huge growth and rapid expansion Energetic Consulting was contracted by Flow to do a full analysis of the business and reset the foundation to help steady the ship and provide sustainable future growth.

Stripping it back to the core reasons why they were in business in the first place the Vision, Mission, Purpose and Values of the business were formed and strategic planning and prioritisation done to ensure the management and 40 staff were all pulling together towards common goals and all focusing on the burning needs of the business, not nice to haves.


Flow Hive: Record-breaking Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign – $14.95M funding to date

With help from a handful of skilled friends and family members and a nail-biting lack of preparation, the Indiegogo campaign was launched in February 2015, with the humble goal of US$70,000.

That goal was reached within minutes of the campaign going live.

Within 15 minutes, the campaign had attracted US$250,000 in pre-orders and was soon breaking Indiegogo’s website and a slew of crowdfunding records.

        • The fastest to reach $1 million.
        • The fastest to reach $2 million.
        • The most successful campaign ever launched on Indiegogo.
        • The most successful crowdfunding campaign ever launched outside the US.


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