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First off all it was a real pleasure to work with Russell, and I am glad we have stayed in touch since we have moved on from Enphase.

It was a crazy exciting time, and we were both breaking new ground, and I remember thinking that I knew I had a massive task ahead, but the challenge Russell was facing was at another level. But sure enough he absolutely nailed it, and delivered an incredible business for Enphase

The speed in which he set up the International expansion into Asia Pacific (APAC) was absolutely incredible. And it wasn’t an easy thing to do because he did it all including setting up of APAC operations: Hiring of staff, national logistics, distributorships and customer service etc.

He also developed the go-to-market strategy and setup all the sales & marketing channels, which was remarkable for one man to achieve. Russell is a great professional, and he bought the kind of energy and strategic thinking that anyone would want in their organisation.

He is a great colleague and a great friend, and will always deliver the goods, especially under pressure.

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