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Marketing That Drives Sales

Increase Leads & Sales

When it comes to marketing, so many cleantech businesses we speak to are either under resourced, lack the key skills and knowledge or don’t have the time to keep up with the latest digital, social media, advertising or marketing trends.

It’s especially challenging in such a competitive market, and when those pesky online advertising and ranking algorithms keep changing it’s just too much! There’s just so much to do in other parts of the business, like winning sales, and great marketing is really specialised.

We can help. Energetic Consulting is a specialist marketing consultancy dedicated to the clean energy, cleantech, solar, renewable energy and sustainability industries.

The Challenge

Many companies struggle with running effective marketing campaigns that actually deliver leads, and ultimately sales results. All that matters is that you get a RESULT!

Stop trying to do everything your self!

Trying to be a jack of all trades delivers poor results

Most business we have worked with right up to $2B companies weren’t clear on their vision, true north, outcomes and weren’t communicating a compelling story to their customers

Stop wasting money on lead generators services!

Marketing businesses outside of solar or cleantech don’t truly understand this industry and the consumers – leave it to us, we’re the solar industry experts with 17 years experience!

Stop wasting money with social media or pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns that don’t convert!

Energetic Consulting will help you get clear on who you are, your objectives, your story, and tailor marketing campaigns to drive traffic to you and grow your business!


Great Marketing Is An Art

What we will do with you

Get clear on your unique story, purpose, pitch and what makes you different

Tell your unique story to the world to differentiate your business

Generate your own leads so you are fully in control

Capture more reviews, testimonials, feedback and referrals to scale your business

Automate your marketing content delivery so you create raving fan customers

Create a better customer user experience

Effectively educate your customers about why they should buy from you through your compelling marketing

There is a better way and we can help you!

Our Marketing Services

We have a range of marketing services that will increase your sales revenue.

☀︎ Advertising

☀︎ Social Media

☀︎ PR / Communications

☀︎ General & Digital Marketing

☀︎ Customer / User Experience

☀︎ Media buying, PPC Campaigns, Display Ads

☀︎ SEO

☀︎ Website

☀︎ Branding

☀︎ Systems & Processes

☀︎ Monitoring & Performance Analytics

☀︎ Event Preparation & Management

Want to find out more about what we can do for you?
Energetic Consulting has a range of business support services to help your business win more sales and grow.

Download our services brochure.

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