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Twiggy Forrest’s Green Hydrogen Ambitions Will Require Renewables At 3x Australia’s Total Energy Consumption – Pv Magazine Australia

Twiggy Forrest’s green hydrogen ambitions will require renewables at 3x Australia’s total energy consumption – pv magazine Australia

In a campaign style speech, Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest, founder of Fortescue Metals and one of Australia’s richest men, outlined his ambition of producing mammoth quantities of green hydrogen, a task he sees as imperative to stop the “planet cooking” while also cornering a market he believes will soon be worth trillions.

Fortescue Metals’ chairman and founder, Andrew Forrest, says he plans to produce 15 million tonnes of renewable green hydrogen annually by 2030, increasing to 50 million tonnes per annum thereafter. “A scale equal to the largest oil…

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