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Your Business Elevator Pitch

Its Russell French from Energetic Consulting. Today, I want to share with you your business elevator pitch. 

Often when we meet people for the first time, they ask us, what do you do? And sometimes we have a really waffling response and it takes us two minutes to get out what we actually do. And maybe it sounds like a shopping list as opposed to telling them what we do and why we do it, so it’s engaging and interesting for them. 

When we meet people for the first time, we need to succinctly tell them what we do in a way that attracts their attention. Otherwise, we may sound confusing or lose that amazing opportunity to present our business and connect further with the person we’re speaking with. We don’t want to lose their interest. We need to sound like we’re credible. And really an elevator pitch is a short one to two sentence statement that defines who you work with, your target market and the general area in which you help them. It’s as simple as that. It’s about 10 seconds long and it can be used in any setting to attract potential customers or to stimulate discussion. 


So when someone asks you, what do you do, you have an easy response, you have a quick response. But you could literally say it in an elevator going from floor three up to floor seven. The penny drops for that person. It’s just so easy for them to understand what it is that you do. Typically, when we work with our clients, first we will do a whole bunch of other work on the vision of the business, what’s the purpose of the businesses, the values of the business, the unique selling proposition (USP), the customer value proposition (CVP), before we even get to the elevator pitch. 

But for brevity and for today’s purposes, we’ll skip all that. And we’re just going to have a little trial together on doing your elevator pitch. Let’s answer five different questions.

Ask yourself these questions:

#1 Who are your customers and who do you work with? 

It might sound really simple because you say, I sell solar power systems and I work with mums and dads. But it’s important to be really clear when you present yourself to the world. 

#2 What general area do help them in? 

Are you a specialist in energy efficiency? Are you a specialist in maintenance of solar systems? Do you do commercial work? Do you do residential work? What do you do? What general area do you help them in? 

#3 What is it you want your business to be known for? 

Now, if you’ve watched any of my videos before, you’ll know that this is something that I really hone in on every time. What do you want to be known for? You need to be different. You need to stand out from your competitors. So therefore you need to stand for something. You can’t be vanilla. Please do not be vanilla in this industry because there are 5000 solar power businesses out there. There’s a tendency to all look the same and you need to look different in some way. You can’t just be another business putting blue rectangles on a roof and expecting to do great amounts of sales volume. You need to be known for something. 

#4 What do you want your customers to say about you? 

That’s really important, isn’t it? Because it impacts the whole way that you present yourself to the world, as you want to be remembered for something. What do you want your customers to remember you by? 

#5 What impact do you want to have with your customers? 

This is really important. What impact do you want to have with your customers? 

Here’s a few examples of what an elevator pitch may be or what it looks like. 

“I work with homeowners to have greater environmental impact whilst reducing their electricity bills.”

There’s a few standout points there. Firstly, who are your customers? Home owners. What impact do you want to have? You want to have greater environmental impact and you want to reduce their electricity bills. It’s really clear and simple. Someone approaches you in an elevator. “Hey, what do you do?” And you say “I work with homeowners to have greater environmental impacts whilst reducing their electricity bills.” Isn’t that better than just saying I install solar power? Oh, well yeah ok, see you later. 

It actually has some weight behind it and some real impact. Let’s try another one. 

“We help businesses be less reliant on the grid and take charge of their own electricity generation.”

That’s an empowering statement. Last one. 

“I help small to medium sized manufacturing companies who have difficulties with unpredictable revenue streams.”

It’s still not saying “I  install solar power”, which is so vanilla, and which means you sound like everyone else. It’s really specific, I help small to medium sized manufacturing companies – that’s very specific. This is now commercial focus. We have difficulties with unpredictable revenue streams. Solar power is an income stream and it helps levelise or normalise the revenue stream, and helps keep things pretty consistent. 

Now write down your one a one to two sentence elevator pitch statement.

Just one to two sentences. Try not to be vanilla, make it sound engaging and try and capture someone’s interest! 

Have a go at that. Don’t just say buy, “I install solar panels”. Say what you do, who you do it for and why you do it. 

I hope that was of benefit to you today. We provide business coaching, sales training and full marketing support.  

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Article by Russell French – Founder of Energetic Consulting Australia

Energetic-Consulting-Founder-Russell-FrenchRussell is a veteran of the Australian renewable energy industry of 17 years and an innovative business leader with a proven track record spanning over 20 years. Alongside Warwick Johnston of Sunwiz, and Donovan Craig, he is the co-founder of Sunfluence and Solar Guide, which are solar business automated marketing platforms and services to help solar retailers win more business.

He is also the Founder of Solar Social, a new and innovative meet-up bringing together like minded businesses and professionals to discuss innovation and the latest technology developments.

He has served as a Director for several well known renewable energy companies like:

  • Enphase Energy as their APAC Director and Australian Country Manager and brought the business to Australia and setup their operations in the region
  • Sungrow ($2.2B, world largest solar inverter manufacturer in partnership with Samsung SDI) as their Marketing & Strategy Director
  • Sun Empire as Founder and Managing Director. Sun Empire was a founding company member of the Clean Energy Council of Australia.

Russell has also worked in the award winning Sustainability Strategy team for the City of Melbourne developing the city’s renewable energy and solar program, and helped develop the new Solar & Storage division for one of Australia’s largest energy retailers, Red Energy which is owned by the iconic Snowy Hydro.

He served as the Secretary & Convenor for the Melbourne Chapter of the Smart Energy Council of Australia (formerly Australian Solar Council) for 5 years.


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