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Your Tribe And The Power of Belief, Belonging and Behaviour

Cleantech Customers Need to Believe In You

Great businesses have raving fans that believe in them and what they stand for. And this power of belief from your customers creates the foundation for your tribe – your connected community.

We’ve previously shared on the Energetic Consulting Blog that great marketing is all about stories. Creating a story that is worth sharing!

In the renewable energy and cleantech industries in particular, where differentiation can be really challenging – having the “right” story is absolutely critical!

Yet how can we tell this story if we don’t really know ourselves and what we stand for?

Listen, we all get stuck with competing on price alone. Or we use outdated value propositions that all your competitors use like “we have high quality products and provide great service!”. Boring and done to death.

That might have worked in the early days of Australian solar power back in the noughties but it doesn’t cut it anymore!

You need to level up and rise above the noise! To not just inform your customers about what you do, but engage them with why they should choose you. To differentiate by standing for something. Something your customers can believe in.

So this brings us to the fundamentals of creating your tribe and brand loyalty through the power of 3 core criteria – Belief, Belonging and Behaviour.


What you stand for as a business and why customers should believe in you.


Because your customers believe in and trust you, let them join your tribe and have a sense of belonging to something that is doing good in the world.


Change the behaviour of your customers just chasing the lowest price. That story is as old as Moses in the bible. Change customers behaviour patterns by taking responsibility for pulling them to you and creating them as raving fans by giving them more value than anyone else.

Energetic Consulting can show you the power of telling your unique and compelling brand story to your customers based on these 3 core criteria.

Raving fans aren’t delivered, they’re created! Let us how you how.

If you need help with your business or marketing needs, contact Energetic Consulting today and start creating raving fan customers!

Article by Russell French – Founder of Energetic Consulting Australia

Energetic-Consulting-Founder-Russell-FrenchRussell is a veteran of the Australian renewable energy industry of 15 years and an innovative business leader with a proven track record spanning over 20 years.

He has served as a Director for several well known renewable energy companies like:

  • Enphase Energy as their APAC Director and Australian Country Manager and brought the business to Australia and setup their operations in the region
  • Sungrow ($2.2B, world largest solar inverter manufacturer in partnership with Samsung SDI) as their Marketing & Strategy Director
  • Sun Empire as Founder and Managing Director. Sun Empire was a founding company member of the Clean Energy Council of Australia.

Russell has also worked in the award winning Sustainability Strategy team for the City of Melbourne developing the city’s renewable energy and solar program, and helped develop the new Solar & Storage division for one of Australia’s largest energy retailers, Red Energy which is owned by the iconic Snowy Hydro.

He served as the Secretary & Convenor for the Melbourne Chapter of the Smart Energy Council of Australia (formerly Australian Solar Council) for 5 years and is the Founder of Solar Social, a new and innovative meet-up bringing together like minded businesses and professionals to discuss innovation and the latest technology developments.


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