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Solar Business Support Services Agency


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Rise Above The Challenge

There are so many challenges you face when attempting to grow your solar or cleantech business. We find that there are three core issues for most businesses:

A lack of expertise, experience and the right staff. You just can’t do everything well yourself.

A lack of time. There’s not enough hours in the day!

You’re making less profit than you deserve and tempted to race to the bottom on price to compete.

Why try and do everything yourself and be the roadblock to your success.


Our 3 Core Pillars of Service

You can’t do it all yourself! Let us help you grow and scale.

Solar Business Coaching

Australia’s only 12 week solar business coaching program.

Sales Training

All-star sales training and strategies to win more sales.

Marketing Support

Practical and powerful marketing that generates more leads that convert to sales.


Next Level Sales Training

Most companies struggle with consistently delivering sales excellence that results in high profit margins and sales volume. Energetic Consulting will train your staff to help you stand apart from your competitors and move away from eroded margins and lost sales.

Let us show you how to:

Differentiate from your competitors through the story you tell your customers (HINT: This is not your great customer service and high quality products).

Educate your customers on what a great solar company looks like, and how you excel in your customer experience.

Add ridiculous amounts of value to your customers though providing free content, and information at every step.

Sales is your most important focus area!

Our Clients

We are creative people making incredible impact in the world.

Results Focused Marketing

Get off lead generators who cost you a fortune and start building your brand and generating your own leads. We can teach you how to sell, but you also need to market your business extremely well.

We will do the following with you:

Co-design your brand which includes your unique customer value proposition and unique selling proposition, your story, pitch, purpose and values. This is your foundation.

Build your website, customer facing collateral, graphic design, PR campaigns.

Digital marketing including lead Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, Facebook, LinkedIN, Display Advertising, Google Adwords.

Sales and marketing go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other!


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Speaking, Media & Interviews

Russell French can be booked for public speaking engagements.

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